With many years of insurance versatility, I am open to any business insurance needs.

Here are just a few:


Whether family-style or franchise, we can get you the best coverage to protect you from potential loss. Covering property and liability, we are able to provide the insurance in a snap with several of our markets that favor restaurant insurance exposure.

Let us learn about you a little better to assure you're getting what you need. Every restaurant has its own specialty and personality—as does every package we can offer you.


I absolutely love helping design insurance packages for my contractor clients. I've been writing for contractors my entire 30+ years as a licensed insurance agent. I work on your behalf so full disclosure is personal and confidential. I position myself as part of your team, learning your coverage needs and requirements with comparable premium.

Machine Shops

Food & Beverage

Manufacturing & Wholesale

Stores (all types)

Non-profit 501(c)(3)

The list goes on...

Deana Baiseri

Deana Baiseri

Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Broker/Agent for over 30 years.

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